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December Brings Two Wildwater Training Camps

Seth Eisner offers a repeat of his successful camp, now in DC at the Potomac, while two-time sprint Worlds Silver Medalist will coach Wildwater racers in Gainesville

by Michael Beavers
USAWildwater C-1

November 26, 2001 -- Gainesville, GA and Friendsville, MD

Paddling a variety of boats is great for developing technique and skills for driving your predominant craft, be it kayak, C-1 or C-2. December is shaping up to be an active month for training camps, with plenty of opportunities for wildwater athletes to glean a great deal of information from coaches from a variety of paddlesport disciplines.

Thanks to a generous financial contribution by longtime Wildwater devotee David Mason, Lanier Canoe and Kayak Club head coach Kris Lepianka will be conducting a one-day Wildwater training camp on December 15th. For this truly multidisciplinary camp, U.S. Slalom Team C-1 coach Yves Narduzzi has also expressed interest in attending and possibly lending a hand with canoeists. The French spend a lot of time in both slalom and wildwater boats at the cadet level, so his presence would certainly be valuable.

Seth Eisner will also offer a camp over the weekend of December 22-23 in the DC area--sure to be a repeat of the highly successful Wildwater-specific camp he and several other area racers hosted in October. (see related story.)

If you are interested in attending Seth's December camp, please contact him at As this camp is designed for more seasoned athletes, he will be pushing harder and spending more time reviewing physiology and smart scientific ways to improve performance. There will be considerable flatwater stroke video feedback and a fair amount of time on the Potomac River.

Lake Lanier coach Kris Lepianka willl host a training camp designed for Wildwater athletes. The Polish team, for whom Lepianka competed, is a longtime powerhouse of paddlesport known for exceptional periodization theory for everything from aerobic development to strength training to diet.

LCKC clinic details
December 15, 2001
3105 Clarks Bridge Road, Gainesville, GA 30506.
>>view map...

Cost: $10.00
Length: One day
Food: Lunch provided by LCKC
Facilities: LCKC features miles of paddling, and a room full of weights!

  The Lanier Canoe & Kayak Team facility is located 45 minutes north of Atlanta outside of Gainesville. For directions and other details, please contact Connie Hagler, Lanier Canoe and Kayak Club executive director, at or (770) 287-7888. Chris Hipgrave can also help with directions: or phone number (828) 488-1377.

LCKC Camp Itinerary:

9:30Facility orientation
10:00-10:30Clinic outline presentation
10:30-11:00Aspects of the race. Factors determining optimal performance.
11:00-12:30Investigating stroke/technique component. On water with video.
12:30- 1:00Lunch break (lunch is provided by LCKC)
1:00-2:00Analysis of the video. Technical training.
2:00-3:30Investigating the strength component. Gym. Time permitting: periodization of strength training.
4:00-5:00Investigating endurance. Time permitting: periodization of endurance
5:00- 6:00 Present training methods for endurance and strength, nutrition, and mental preparation for racing.


Kris Lepianka's coaching education started with the premier Polish coaching school, the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw, Poland. He is also certified with the National Coaching Certification Program in Canada and spent ten years coaching in Saskatchewan. There he organized and lectured at over twenty NCCP sanctioned courses.

Prior to coming to Gainesville, Kris spent five years in Austrailia with the Intensive Training Center located in Perth. He has developed several athletes to the Olympic Team level and has been involved with athlete talent identification.

Kris is an Olympian and two-time World Championships silver medalist from Poland.