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Unofficial 2002 World Championships Results Arrive from German Wildwater Site

by Michael Beavers
USA Wildwater C-1

June 6, 2002 -- Piode, Italy

2002 World Championships Race results are starting to pour in from various international Wildwater racing community sources.

According unofficial results distributed by German Wildwater racing Website,, American Andrew McEwan has placed 33rd in the combined sprint and C-1 racer Tom Wier has broken the top-20 barrier in the same event. All of the U.S. Team canoeists placed in the top twenty. Other top American finishers in the sprints include K-1s Middy Tilghman (44th), Chris Hipgrave (48th) and Simon Beardmore (49th). C-1s include Chris Osment (22nd), Ed Gordon (23rd) and Bob Bofinger (24th).

In the classic distance event, top C-1 finishers were Tom Wier (20th), Bob Bofinger (22nd), Ed Gordon (23rd) and Chris Osment (24th). Top K-1s were Andrew McEwan (23rd), Chris Hipgrave (43rd), Middy Tilghman (45th) and Simon Beardmore (50th). The C-2 Team of Harris and Smoot closed off the class at 24th place.

Reports are not official, but It appears France's Boris Saunier has taken the gold in K-1 Men, the lovely Michala Strdnova has brought the Czech Republic the top K-1 Women's medal, and Italy's Vladi Panato once again dominated in the C-1 event. The legendary Slovak C-2 team of Vala and Slucik has also taken top honors.

To download the unofficial German results, please click on the links below:

  Sprint ace Results
First sprint race results
Classic race results

Michael Beavers is editor of and a C-1 Wildwater racer training in Atlanta, Georgia. Reach him