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New Plastic Wildwater Boat Coming to the United States

Hipgrave reaches agreement with Italy-based Sistema to be exclusive North American importer of Fastwaves

by Michael Beavers
USA Wildwater C-1
Member, USAWildwater Committee

April 29, 2003 -- Bryson CIty, NC

Chris Hipgrave has announced he has reached an import agreement with Sistema ( of Genova, Italy to import their roto-molded racing kayak called the "Fastwave" into North America. This agreement follows almost two months of dialogue initiated by Hipgrave concerning the feasibility of such an agreement.

Download the brochure: Page 1 | Page 2

The Fastwave is a roto-molded down river racing kayak designed with the help of the Italian Canoe and Kayak Federation (FICK) as a faster, more technically- oriented answer to Perception's Wavehopper that is no longer available in the USA.

Chris Hipgrave had the following to say: "I'm pleased we were able to reach an agreement with Sistema. The Fastwave is significantly faster than anything else in plastic and closely resembles the way a true wildwater kayak handles on the water. Our hope is that this boat will make down river racing available to a wider audience in a maintenance free platform thus encouraging more competitions and more competitors."

A portion of the sale price will go to support wildwater racing,coaching and support in the USA. Wildwater is a non-Olympic discipline governed in the USA under the umbrella of USA Canoe & Kayak of Charlotte, NC.

Chris Hipgrave is the South East Sales Rep for Liquidlogic and Bell Canoe, among others. He has been a member of the USA Wildwater Team since 1997 and is the current USA National Champion. A past Executive Director of the Nantahala Racing Club, Hipgrave now serves on the USACK Wildwater Committee.

Michael Beavers is editor of and a C-1 Wildwater athlete training in Atlanta, GA. Reach him at