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Fall Wildwater Training in the D.C. Area

Monocacy River -- Frederick, MD

by Bob Bofinger
USAWildwater Team C1

September 28, 2004 -- Frederick, MD

Training is going well in the DC Area. Geoff and I have been working with juniors and adults in our areas trying to promote Wildwater. Geoff is close to DC and I am an hour away in Frederick. We have built some interest now and we like to increase the numbers by next spring. By conditioning them for racing, our goal is to get them ready for the Tohickon Wildwater Classic. I did various time trials in the Frederick area from Jug Bridge to Pinecliff Park on the Monocacy River in the last couple of months. Here are the times:

Friday, Sept. 24 -- Gauge at 2.0 feet at Jug Bridge
Coach Bob8:43 min.
Ross9:12 min.
Sunday Sept 26 -- Gauge at 1.85 feet at Jug Bridge
Coach Bob9:17 min.
Callum9:29 min.
Pat Kingman10:46 min.
Previous times at 1.85 feet (Aug. 19, 2004)
Lisa10:05 min.
Ryan - Polo Boat11:08 min.
Ross9:35 min.
Sean9:36 min.
Coach Bob - C18:51 min.

Next time we will increase the distance to 3 miles and time to 20 min. so we can begin building the endurance and get ready for the Tohickon Race on Nov. 6 & 7.

I am looking at 2 workouts a week on Friday nights at 5 pm. at Pinecliff Park on Monocacy and Sunday afternoon at 3 pm at Anglers on the Potomac. We will either paddle up Mather Gorge if the water is low or paddle down to Caderock. I am looking for those interested in learning to race Wildwater.

Coach Bob Bofinger (