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Changes to the USA Wildwater Bylaws

by John Pinyerd
USA Canoe/Kayak
Wildwater Committee Chair

October 1, 2004 -- Atlanta, GA

USA Wildwater is in the process of updating our bylaws. We request that you review the changes and give your feedback to John Pinyerd, Chairman ( no later than October 31, 2004. Our National Championships are being amended to recognize Sprint, Classic, and Combined Champions. Our team selection criteria is being updated to include more emphasis on sprint and to establish minimum percentages to earn a berth on the team.          
Amendment 3
3.A. National Championships Awards:
  3.A.1. There will be three (3) national championships awarded for each class (K1M, K1W, C1 and C2) in junior and senior age groups.
  3.A.2. The Wildwater Classic National Championship will be awarded to the winner of the Classic race in each class, along with 2nd and 3rd in that race and will be known as the Wildwater Classic National Champion.
  3.A.3. The Wildwater Sprint National Championship will be awarded to the winner of the Sprint Event in each class along with 2nd and 3rd in that race, and will be known as the Wildwater Sprint National Champion. (Note: the Sprint Event will consist of two individual races/heats and the times will be added together for one total time).
  3.A.4. The final national championship will be awarded to the combined winner with the lowest combined percentage over the 2 events, irrespective of whether that individual has been credited with another of the national championships, and will be known as the Combined National Championship. The calculation of the winner of the Combined National Championships, and for second and third place awards shall be by combined lowest percentage of finish. Percentages shall be combined from the two races to determine the Combined National Champions in the following manner:
   In the Classic and the Sprint Event, the fastest boat in each race shall be calculated to have a percentage of 100%. The percentage given to all other boats shall be calculated by dividing the slower boat's time by the winning time in that class. The result shall be converted to percentage value. This method results in all boats that are slower than the single fastest boat in his/that class shall have a percentage number greater than 100. After the two races are completed, the percentage of finish from the two races for each boat will be combined to give each boat a total. The boat with the score equal to or closest to 200% shall be the Combined National Champion. Second and third place awards will go to the boats with the next two lowest values, or next closest values to 200% value. A simple explanation of the system is: "the lowest total percentage of the Classic and Sprint Event is the fastest overall boat of the competition".
3.B. National Team Selection Criteria
  3.B.1. Racers must record a time within a minimum percentage of the fastest boat (in any class) in either the Classic OR the Sprint Event to be selected to the USA Wildwater Team. The general guidelines for the minimum percentage that a racer must record of the fastest boat (in either the Classic or Sprint Event) to make the US Team (minimum percentage standard + individual class handicap) are:
  • K-1 Men: 23% + 0% = 23%
  • K-1 Women: 23% + 10% = 33%
  • C-2: 23% + 10% = 33%
  • C-1: 23% + 15% = 38%
The WWC may adjust the minimum percentage, taking into account the river conditions of the venue selected for Wildwater Teams Trials, as well as the rivers that will be raced at the World Championships/World Cups. Depending on the river conditions, the board may elect to modify either the minimum percentage standard or the individual class handicap, or both. Additionally, the WWC may alter the minimum percentage requirements for the sprint race independent of the classic race, and vice versa, depending on race and course conditions. Percentages will be established by majority vote of the WWC and will be made known to ALL competitors prior to the start of competition at the Wildwater Team Trials.
  3.B.2. National Team Trails must include a Classic Race and a Sprint Event (consisting of two Sprint races/heats where the results are combined into one total time). The selection criteria will be:
  • Winner of the Classic
  • Winner of the Sprint Event (based on the combined times of two Sprint races/heats)
  • The remaining places on the team will be filled based on the best combined percentages from the Sprint and Classic Event - i.e. the individuals with the closest values to a cumulative percentage total of 200% when Classic and Sprint results are added will be selected.
  3.B.3. National Team Trials are normally treated as the only way that an athlete can earn a berth on the USA Wildwater Team. In the event that an athlete is unable to attend National Team Trials, the athlete must complete the following criteria to be CONSIDERED by the WWC:
  • The athlete should petition the board by January 15th, but never later than 60 sixty days prior to the date of National Team Trails.
  • The athlete must propose an alternative plan for qualifying for the team prior to USA Team Trials at the time of petition. This plan must be submitted to the WWC in writing and must contain a means of proving verifiable race results that may earn the athlete a berth on the USA Wildwater team. The WWC will analyze the proposal, along with the results obtained, and will then determine if a sufficient standard has been reached to merit selection for the USA Wildwater National Team without attendance and qualification at the National Team Trials. Decisions will be made on an individual basis and selection of one individual on one occasion does not guarantee selection of this, or any other individual, at any other time.
  • The athlete must have both qualified for and competed internationally for the US National Team within the 3 calendar years prior to the date of the petition.
Our complete bylaws, along with Ammendment 3, can be found at: WWBylaws2004_Final_Update_10-1-04.doc.