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Zastera Composites soon available in the United States

by Geoff Calhoun
Eastern U.S. Athlete Representative

October 6, 2004

Zastera Composites, the builders of the toughest and most popular designs of wildwater racing boats is interested in extending their business to the United States. Zastera has multiple models available, including the Savage 2000, 3000, Dynamic, G-Dynamic, Flash, Lizard and the new Clipper models in K1; the Bala, No name, and also a brand new more stable and comfortable design in C1; and the Beguin and Feeling 2 models in C2. Zastera offers eight 'classes' (construction levels) ranging in price from only $600 for a simple training kayak to over $2000 for the top level carbon and aerospace quality foam boats that athletes on most European national teams use. I recommend the 3rd and 4th class as they are good solid racing boats at reasonable prices. The higher level 5th and 6th classes will run a couple hundred dollars higher. All Zasteras are made with durable epoxy resin, taped seams, and as many composite layers as possible while staying at or below race weight.

Zastera offers dozens of colors and can outfit your boat or send with it - a comfortable seat and the popular wooden slat knee braces, adjustable foot braces, skegs, foam blocks and pads for C-boaters, tough bow and stern grunge pads, K1, C1, and C2 skirts and topdecks (a racer friendly skirt and splash top in one), float bags, ICF approved racing cut lifejackets, wing blades, canoe blades, t-grips and shafts, cockpit covers, padded boat bags, cold weather gear, repair materials at cheap prices, and much more. Zastera's web site ( will be updated with their new catalogue and price list in a few days. I will also have some catalogues to hand out soon.

The goal is to bring in no less than 10 boats in a shared container with Galasport this winter. Prices are not finalized and will depend on fluctuations in the exchange rate, additional shipping costs, etc. Right now it looks like it will cost under $100 per boat to ship in the container. This is significantly less what it would cost to ship individually, and is safer and cheaper than flying with a boat.

Those interested should contact Geoff Calhoun at or, or call (301) 320-3846. We will need at least 5 orders to make this shipment worth while. This is an excellent opportunity to get top quality boats delivered to the east coast and if anyone is thinking of getting a boat, or upgrading to a faster, more user friendly, competitive modern design, this is your best opportunity. Hope to hear from many of you. Cheers, and train hard.

Geoff Calhoun