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Calling all Seniors and Masters Racers

2005 and 2006 Masters and Seniors Championships.

Chris Hipgrave
USAWildwater K-1
Treasurer, US Wildwater Committee

October 19, 2004 -- Bryson City, NC

The International Canoe Federation has just announced that in 2005 and 2006 Masters and Seniors Championship competitions will be held in conjunction with the Pre-World and World Championships on the Tryweryn River in Bala, Wales.

This exciting news comes in the wake of the ICF also announcing that 2005 will be an "International Development Year" for the sport of wildwater, and as a result all 2005 World Cups, including the Pre-World Championships, will be held on rivers that are somewhat easier than in years past. 2005 World Cups will be held on the Trent River in Nottingham, UK, the Washburn River in Yorkshire, UK, the Shannon River near Limerick, Ireland and on the Tryweryn River in Bala, Wales.

In 2005 masters and seniors competition categories will be 35-45, 45-55 and there is potential for a 55+ category, although the ICF has yet to make a final ruling on this\ last age bracket. In 2006 these same age groups will race in the first ever Masters World Championships, which will be part of the World Championships competition schedule in Bala, Wales.

John Pinyerd, the USACK's Wildwater Committee Chairman and a masters himself said, "I am genuinely excited about racing in Bala again. The Tryweryn was always one of my favorite rivers when I was racing at the international level. I'm pumped to head back there and catch up with some of my old racer friends. Perhaps some of them are fat and out of shape now. Heck, I might even whoop up on a few of them at the race!"

There will be no selection procedure if you want to race in one of these master or senior events in 2005, although you are encouraged to participate in the 2005 Team Trials as a warm up. Details concerning 2005 Team Trials will be posted on in the coming month, but the event has already been awarded to the Nantahala Racing Club. By competing at the USA Team Trials, there is potential for a master or senior athlete filling a position on the National Team, so they would get to race in the World Cups, Pre-World Championships and Masters Championships.

If you are a masters wildwater athlete that wishes to participate at the 2005 Masters Championships or at the 2006 Masters World Championships, or simply have questions, please contact John Pinyerd at

Chris Hipgrave is Tresurer of the U.S. Wildwater Committee and a K-1 Wildwater racer living near Bryson City, NC. You can reach him at