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Now is the Time...

to put your plans together for next year and to act on those plans.

by John Pinyerd
USA Canoe/Kayak
Wildwater Committee Chair

October 22, 2004 -- Atlanta, GA

We will be having our Team Trials in March on the Nantahala River (in Bryson City NC), about 4 months from now. With all of next years World Cup Races being held in the UK and Ireland, on class II-III rivers that are favorable for growing Wildwater participation, the Nantahala is a perfect choice for US selection. Team USA drastically needs to increase participation in K-1W and C-2 (and to some extent in C-1) in order to field a full team. Please stay tuned to for updates to the racing schedule and more information on Team Trials.

It is necessary to have our Team Trials 4-6 weeks early than normal because the 2005 World Cup races begin on May 15th and end with the Bala Pre-Worlds May 28-30th. In addition to World Cups 5-6 being in Bala, the Pre-World's organizers will also host the Masters Pre-World Championships and a Pre-Worlds Team Race. Please see additional articles and the 2005 Race Schedule on

Please also note that our website is home for several articles on technique and training schedules. Now is the time to plan our your training schedule through USA Nationals in June. Anyone needing a coach to help them with developing a personalized plan for fitness, wildwater paddling technique and nutrition, may want to check out

Finding the right Wildwater boat and equipment can be very challenging. We have worked hard to keep the Equipment section (used equipment and vendors) web pages updated. In addition, USA Wildwater is working with a couple domestic boat builders to implement production in the states. Stay tuned to for the press release on our boat building partners and updates to the equipment page.

Please feel free to contact me, or any board member, with your questions.

John Pinyerd
USACK - Wildwater Committee Chairman