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Nantahala Racing Club Glacier Breaker Wildwater Race

A solid turn out made for some very exciting racing and some upsets.

Check out the photos by Aimee Murphy


by Chris Hipgrave
USAWildwater K-1
Treasurer, US Wildwater Committee

February 27, 2005 -- Wesser, NC

With just a week to go before the USA Wildwater Team Trials at the same venue, the Glacier Breaker Wildwater race on the Nantahala would serve as a great test of training, boat outfitting and strength. A solid turn out made for some very exciting racing and some upsets. Nearly 30 racers competed, 10 of them juniors or cadets. Wildwater participation is significantly on the rise here in the south and the number of new faces turning up to race was really exciting to witness.

Lecky Haller22’ 21.88”
John Pinyerd22’ 13.68”
Jeffrey Poe (Jnr)25’ 51.92”
Joel Abrahams (Cad)36’ 43.66”
Maria Knoakes24’ 09.08”
Tierney O’Sullivan (Jnr)25’ 38.50”
Candice Caldwell25’ 42.69”
Erin Wilder (Jnr)25’ 47.42”
Bailey O’Sullivan (Jnr)37’ 50.23”
Chris Hipgrave19’ 20.97”
Pablo McCandless20’ 16.64”
Rob Murphy21’ 28.15”
Bern Collins21’ 57.63”
Shaun Smith21’ 59.73”
Tom Sherburne22’ 00.04”
Rodney Rice22’ 24.07”
Chandler Jones (Jr)22’ 24.54”
Terry Smith22’ 26.94”
Lincoln Williams22’ 43.36”
Clay Wilder24’ 34.19”
Bryan Macio24’ 39.88”
Casey Jones (Cad)24’ 46.83”
Zach Bethea (Jnr)24’ 47.33”
Travis Weiland24’ 55.07”
Tod Bethea26’ 04.79”
Elliot Poe (Cad)26’ 34.04”
Caleb Bethea (Cad)28’ 15.48”