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USA Team Information for the 2005 World Cups (Update)

by Mike & Kristen Beck
USAWildwater Team Managers

March 5, 2005 -- Somewhere in Europe

Here's an update on what we are working on and the changes in the race schedule. (Editor's Note: the schedule changes are also reflected in the 2005 US Wildwater Race Schedule)

Friday 13th MayTrainingHolme Pierrepont, Nottingham
Saturday 14th MayTrainingHolme Pierrepont
Sunday 15th MaySprintHolme Pierrepont
Monday 16th MayTravel
Tuesday 17th MayTrainingWashburn, Yorkshire
Wednesday 18th MayClassicWashburn
Thursday 19th MayTravel
Friday 20th MayTrainingCastleconnell, Ireland
Saturday 21st MaySprintCastleconnell
Sunday 22nd MayClassicCastleconnell
Monday 23rd MayRestCastleconnell
Tuesday 24th MayTravel
Wednesday 25th May to
Friday 27th May
Saturday 28th MaySprintBala
Sunday 29th MayClassic and MastersBala
Monday 30th MayDepart

The Classic Course at Bala for the World Cup will be from below Chapel Falls, below the International Slalom Course to Rhiwlas Pool and the Sprints will also be starting at the top of the Bala Mill Rapids and finishing below the Mill Fall outside Bala Mill Canoe Club. See the GUIDE TO THE RIVER TRYWERYN for detailed info and pictures.

We are working hard to keep the cost down so more people can come over and to keep the number of days needed to a minimum. As you can see from the schedule above a training day in Holme Pierrepont has been added. We have been playing with the idea of staying Friday evening near London and going into London sight seeing, if people want to. We donít feel that an extra day of training on a sprint course of relatively flat water warrants the additional cost of another night at 25 pound (about $50).

Lodging in Holme Pierrepont is the most expensive of all the locations.

Pick-Ups: We are planning on having a van and trailer to pick up team members at London Heathrow. We have been looking at the flight schedules and most flights arrive from the USA to London Heathrow between 6 A.M. and 11 A.M. so we may have to wait for the last plane with a Team Member to arrive. Please have patience we know you are all coming from different locations and will be arriving at different times but we believe traveling together as a Team has its advantages such as logistical and costs.

Most flights from the USA land in Heathrow, if you can only find a flight into Gatwick, you will have the disadvantage of waiting until we have collected everyone from Heathrow then driving to Gatwick. The drive can take up to 2 hours in London traffic. We just want you all to know this up-front; you may have to wait at the airport.

The drive time from London to the first race site is just over 2 hours. We are using to calculate out our drive times.

Drop-Offs: Departures from London leave between 11A.M. and 4 P.M. and it is a 4-hour drive from Bala to London. We have options here as well, we can leave on Sunday evening after the races and we can look for a place to stay in between or close to London so we donít to leave in the very early morning. It is all going to depend on flight departures.

Free Days / Sight Seeing: There are two days were we can do some sight seeing or rest. The first is the day between the fist race and the second. We could spend the day or part of the day in Nottingham or we can see what else is in the area to see and do. Go to for more information about Nottingham.

The second rest day is while we are in Ireland on Monday the 23rd. We have been looking at the Shannon tourist site,, for information about what we could do and see.

Costs posted earlier on the Wildwater site are NOT Final, they will change depending on the numbers coming over!

Deposits: We will need to make deposits for ALL Lodging Locations ASAP! We will send the amount and an address where to send the moneys to all team members as soon as we know who is coming, Tuesday by the latest we hope.

Contact Information: We need from all team members the following: Address, phone number, e-mail, birth date, class racing in, and (for C-2) partner names. We will then be in contact with team members personally and if you have any questions you can contact us at

We hope to see a big team represent the USA in Great Britain. We are looking forward to seeing you all soon and hope we can make your trip and racing experience a memory of a lifetime!!!