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Call for Nominations: USACK Wildwater Committee

Nominations are being sought for the 2006-2007 Term

by John Pinyerd
>Chairman - USA Wildwater

October 25, 2005 -- Atlanta, GA

All nominations are to be sent to Rachel Gunn, USACK headquarters by email ( no later than November 20th 2005.

Nomination Process: (All nominations must follow this process to qualify):

  1. Nominations must be submitted by email to no later than November 20th 2005.
  2. The person making the nomination and the nominee are both required to be USACK (WWC affiliate) Members in good standing. Submissions must contain the USACK numbers and contact information (email) for both the nominee and the nominator.
  3. The nominee must be willing to serve on the WWC and should be truly dedicated to the betterment of Wildwater racing. As part of the process, Rachel Gunn ( will verify that the nominee wishes to serve.
  4. Rachel Gunn ( will forward all qualified nominations to the USAWildwater Webmaster. All nominations will be posted on and in an e-zine.
  5. Candidates may post campaign information or articles of interest on by sending their articles to the USAWildwater Webmaster.
  6. The description of the WWC (Wildwater board) positions to be selected by nomination and voting is below.

Election Process:

  1. Rachel Gunn will forward all qualified nominations to the USAWildwater Webmaster. All nominations will be posted on and in an e-zine.
  2. The Wildwater Webmaster will post the complete list of nominations on and will send out an e-zine with the nominees and the call for votes no later than November 22nd.
  3. All votes must be submitted by email to no later than December 1st 2005.
  4. All voters must be USAC (WWC affiliate) Members in good standing.
  5. The description of the WWC positions to be selected is below.

Wildwater Committee Officers (Voting Positions)
(For complete details, see the WWC Bylaws on

  1. Chair. The duties of the Chair shall be to prepare agenda for and to call and preside over meetings of the WWC; to appoint subcommittees and act in behalf of the committee between meetings of the WWC; to assure the WWC selects an election officer for committee elections administration in odd numbered years. The Chair bears overall responsibility to set an annual agenda of committee goals for advancing ongoing instructional, competitive, and promotional programs and is also to act upon budget matters pertaining to WWC allocations in absence of the Treasurer.
  2. Vice Chair. The duties of the Vice Chair shall be to preside over meetings of the WWC in absence of the Chair; to coordinate and report the activities of subcommittees as directed by the Chair.
  3. Treasurer. The duties of the Treasurer shall be to collect cost information on WWC committee proposed expenditures on equipment and/ or program activities for discussion among the WWC committee; to prepare a proposed budget for the WWC each year to be submitted to the USACK Board of Directors for review and approval; to communicate with the USACK National Office for discussion and approval of all disbursements from the WWC committee approved allocation; to work with any subcommittee with assigned purposes of improving revenue or altering budgeting practices within the WWC; to communicate any revenue improvement activities to the USACK National Office.
  4. Newsletter/Rankings Editor. The duties of the editor shall be to collect and publish information regarding programs, training, competitions, and meetings organized by the WWC and those like activities of interest to the WWC membership; to collect racing results information and publication of Wildwater competitor rankings twice annually.
  5. Events and Program Coordinator. The duties of the coordinator shall be to solicit information from all sources and provide facts and opinions to the committee regarding site selections for US Wildwater Team Trials and Wildwater National Championships; to assist in promotion and coordination of training camps, junior development program opportunities, and to provide information and coordinating activity pursuant to Wildwater training, development, instructional, coaching, and racing activities.
  6. Athlete Representatives (2). The Athlete Representative shall have participated in Wildwater National Championships within the past two years, or have been a member of the US Wildwater Team within the past four years. The duties of the Athlete Representative shall be to communicate agenda items from the committee to the WWC affiliates in their respective regions of the USA, and to gather collective information regarding input to committee affairs and programs from the WWC affiliates upon WWC affairs.
    1. One Athlete Representative shall be elected from the eastern portion of the United States, inclusive of all states east of the Mississippi River, and Minnesota, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Louisiana, and Texas; and
    2. One representative shall be elected from west of the Mississippi River, excluding the specific states mentioned mentioned in part a) above.