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USA Wildwater Coaching/Mentoring Program

John Pinyerd Chairman - USA Wildwater

October 27 -- Atlanta, GA

The USA Wildwater Coaching/Mentoring program is off to a great start. The idea behind the program is to develop a list of seasoned veteran Wildwater racers/coaches in the key racing markets in the USA and to maintain this list in the contacts section of USAWildwater. So far we have more than a dozen coaches/mentors that have signed up, including the "great ones" of our sport. See, "Contacts" section for the most up to date list.

The coaches/mentors (to date) are:

CA - Auburn
Andrew McEwan

CA - Kernville
Katharine Edmonson

CO - Boulder
Team Dawson/Nate Lord

CO - Boulder (Holidays &Summer)
Nic Borst, Assistant Coach FRPA

CO - Boulder/Denver
Chris Wiegand, Program Director FRPA

GA - Atlanta
Rob Murphy

GA - Atlanta (Roswell/Marietta)
John Pinyerd
O) 770-575-1433

NC - Charlotte (weekdays) / Bryson City (weekends)
Chris Hipgrave

NC - Bryson City (Nantahala)
Wayne Dickert

NV - Reno
Charles Albright

NY - Northern
Dan Murn

NY - Northern
Harold Van Winssen
613-966-2620 (o)
613-967-0219 (H)
613-966-2866 (fax)

PA - Gettysburg PA (School Year)
Nic Borst, Assistant Coach FRPA

Tom Weir

WA- Near Seattle
Doug Ritchie
Cell (425) 736-8094
Work (206) 686-4243

WA-Seattle (Skykomish)
Andy Bridge
(H) 360-793-4144
(W) 360-793-9488 ext. 33

Washington DC, suburban MD/VA
Geoff Calhoun

If you are willing to help as a coach/mentor, please contact the USAWildwater Webmaster and provide the following information:

   Email Address
   Telephone Number(s) -- optional