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38th Annual Southeastern US Whitewater Championships - April 8-9

Wildwater Chairman will pay you to beat Southeastern Records

by John Pinyerd
Chairman - USA Wildwater

January 29, 2006 -- Atlanta, GA

The 38th Annual Southeastern US Whitewater Championships are alive and well. In support of one of the longest running Wildwater/Downriver races in North America (the 38th Annual Southeastern US Whitewater Championships), USA Wildwater Chairman John Pinyerd, will put up $400 of his own money and bet that the old records cannot be beaten. "Just like last year, I would love to pay out the dough, and I would love to see someone step up and break one of the records."

John Pinyerd will personally award $100 per class to any Southeastern's racer who can beat the course record for the 8-mile top to bottom race of the Nantahala on April 9th. The records are:

  • K-1 - Terry White (1981) 42:04
  • K-1W - Kathy Bolyn (1989) 45:20
  • C-2 - Mike Hipsher/David Jones (1989) 45:11
  • C-1 - John Pinyerd (1997) 46:43

This race has a long and rich tradition with many of the great names of Wildwater participating over the years. They include John Sweet, Payson Kennedy, Alan Button, Dave Mason, John Butler, Angus Morrison, Andy Bridge, Terry White, Kathy Bolyn, David Jones, Bunny Johns and Mike Hipsher.

In the spirit of regional racing, and in an attempt to appeal to novice and intermediate racing, the Southeasterns will be part of the 8th Annual intercollegiate Championships. The slalom race will be a very low key race and will be held downstream of the Nantahala Outdoor Center on Saturday, April 8th (a.m.) and with a head to head competition Saturday afternoon.

The Downriver/Wildwater race will be on Sunday April 9th. Registration will be on race day and there will be NO REQUIRED ENTRY FEES, only a suggested donation of $10 for USA Wildwater plus the cost of insurance for anyone that is not a USACK or ACA member. The traditional Classic 8-mile Downriver/Wildwater race (from the top to the bottom) will start at 11:00 sharp (race day registration will start at 9:00 a.m. in the NOC parking lot, with a competitors meeting beginning at 10:00).

So please come out and help me keep this great race alive and see just how well you stack up against the records. Who knows, you might even make a $100!

For more information, contact:

John Pinyerd
Chairman - USA Wildwater
O) 770-575-1433
C) 678-357-7843