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Practice Days for Worlds 2006

25th and 26th March 2006

by Chris Hipgrave
USAWildwater K-1
Events & Programs,
US Wildwater Committee

February 9, 2006 -- Charlotte, NC

Due to really bad long-term weather forecast for first half of March 2006 in the Czech Republic (temperature around 0C and some snow) the organizers of the Senior WW World Championships negotiated a later date for the spring training. The practice days in Karlovy Vary are now definitely fixed on 25th and 26th March 2006. The water will be released for 4 hours each day i.e. 4 hours on Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday. Detailed information about times etc. will be posted as soon as it is agreed with Water Supply Company.

The organizers are very sorry to hear about the difficulties as for the funding and travel plans because of practice days for some non-European teams. They are really sorry to tell you that it is not possible to organize the practice days for example one week before the competition due to the short time for re-filling the lower dam-lake with sufficient amount of water for the Worlds.

You all know that this is not regular situation and that it would be probably different if the organizers had more time to organize everything long time in advance. Everybody who had ever tried to secure water for canoe-kayak competitions knows how difficult it might be.