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Wildwater Board - Final Changes for 2007

The Wildwater Committee for 2007 is Complete!

by John Pinyerd
USA Canoe/Kayak
Wildwater Committee Chairman

December 30, 2006 -- Atlanta, GA

The USA Wildwater Committee of the USA Canoe/Kayak Team (WWC) welcomes Ed Gordon as our newest member. Ed will serve as an "At Large" Member of the Board. We salute Vice Chairman Doug Ritchie for also taking on the Sr. Team Manager position. I truly feel fortunate to have such a highly qualified and motivated group leading the way for our sport. I expect that the energy and skill from this board will extrapolate into great progress again for our sport in 2007.

Ed Gordon and his family are residents of the Reno, NV area where he serves as an attorney. Ed's has won several medals at the National level and raced on the 2003 USA National Team. His enthusiasm for our sport is contiguous.

Doug Ritchie and his family are residents of the Seattle, WA area. Doug is one of just a couple folks to have race in both canoe and kayak on USA National Teams. Doug has made a huge impact on Wildwater since taking over the reign as Vice Chairman. A couple of his accomplishments are to start the email list serve and to put together a group order of Wildwater boats from Zastera.

I know that Doug and Ed, along with the rest of the Wildwater Committee are dedicated to serving, developing and growing our sport.