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Charlotte (International) Wildwater Training Camp

Open to all wildwater paddlers and prospective wildwater racers

by John Pinyerd
USA Canoe/Kayak
Wildwater Committee Chairman Email:

January 8, 2007 -- Charlotte, NC

The Charlotte Wildwater Training Camp (Feb 10-11) is open to all wildwater paddlers, and prospective wildwater racers. But make no mistake about it, this training camp will be well attend. So far we have our first international junior signed up (who will be in town from Feb 8-20th and is flying in from the UK, and will be looking for other folks to train with).

This camp should be considered a must for ALL (USA, CAN, etc.) Juniors who aspire to race at the Jr Worlds and any other racers who can master the class III+ Wilderness Channel. Accomplished paddlers interested in trying Wildwater (especially those from other USACK disciplines) and Wildwater Team members (Jr and Sr) in the region should plan on attending My personal experience is the whitewater course is difficult (especially in the tippier wildwater designs), although it can be run cleanly in a wildwater boat. Racers who are not comfortable on Class III+ whitewater are still encouraged to attend but may choose to paddle a plastic or slalom boat during the training sessions that are held on the USNWC Wilderness Channel. All attendees must be able to self rescue on class III+ whitewater.

As a reminded, the Fourth Annual Chute the Hooch Wildwater Training Camp was moved to the Wilderness Channel of US National Whitewater Center (USNWC) in Charlotte and is scheduled for February 10-11, 2006. Our previous year's camp were a blast and were well attended by racers of varying skill levels. The mild winter weather of the Southeast and some great training areas at the USNWC for flatwater and the very challenging whitewater of the Wilderness Course make an excellent venue. The USNWC will be home to the Sprint Races of the 2007 Jr Worlds. We STRONGLY encourage all paddlers who aspire to race at the 2007 Jr Worlds, and those like myself who truly appreciate the challenge of the Wilderness Channel to attend. Coaches will include many time USA Team members Chris Hipgrave and John Pinyerd. We are also working on other guest coaches.

Like all USA Wildwater training camps, there are no fees for the camp, only the requirement that USA participants are USACK members (you are on the honor system). Please contact should you need to join USACK. The cost for a full day pass at the USNWC is $25 (see for more information).

Some home stays may be available (please RSVP) and there are many low cost hotels nearby.

Saturday Feb 10th:
10:30 - Easy Flatwater Stroke Review (USNWC Flatwater area)
Noon - Lunch/Snack - Walk the USNWC course and talk about the lines
1:00-4:00+ - USNWC Wilderness Channel
4:00-5:00+ - Video Review

Sunday Feb 11th:
10:00 -11:00 Weight Training for Paddlers Review (YMCA) or Flatwater Review (note: the idea is to review it, not do it)
12:00 - 4:00 USNWC Wilderness Channel - Apply what you learned.
4:30 - ?? Q&A

To RSVP or to ask questions, contact:
John Pinyerd
USA Canoe/Kayak - Wildwater Committee Chairman