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Women in Wildwater Canoe? YES!!

by John Pinyerd
USA Canoe/Kayak
Wildwater Committee Chairman

February 19, 2007 -- Atlanta, GA

The International Olympic Committee and the International Canoe Federation (ICF) have approved women racing in canoes at the Olympic level. In turn, the ICF has just added language to the ICF bylaws that supports women's events at venues like the World Championships.

While we are not sure exactly what this means for Wildwater, we do believe that Wildwater C-1W and C-2W will eventually become World Championship events. While it's anyone's guess when Women in Canoe will be officially implemented into Wildwater, we suspect that it may debut at the 2008 Wildwater World Championships in Italy.

I would like your help to push the issue forward at the grass roots level. Please let me know of any women (of any age) that are competitive in canoe and wish to serve as a forerunners at the 2007 Junior Worlds (provided that this will not conflict with an event that they are competing in). I will personally petition the race organizers as appropriate to allow them to race as forerunners.

Cathy Hearn, a many time World Champion and Olympian, sums up our opportunity with Women in Canoe with these thoughts: "The USA has a very rich history of winning medals in Women's events when they are fist elevated to the World Championships and Olympic levels. This is a great opportunity for the women canoeist of America." And I completely agree!

Stay tuned to for updates. And let me know how I can help you!

John Pinyerd
USA Canoe/Kayak - Wildwater Committee Chairman