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Training Camp on the Lower Yough

Here's the schedule

by Middy Tilghman

February 28, 2007 -- Ohiopyle, PA

This camp will involve lots of paddling, a lecture(Andrew and Middy) and performance art(Chris Norbury) series, and video. Everyone is welcome to any and all parts of it.

The camp will be divided into three groups Advance, Intermediate, and Beginner Wildwater paddlers. Please bring plenty of warm gear, different size skirts, and anything else that might help yourself or others as we shift around boats and battle the cold. For beginners, please bring your longest plastic/rec boat as well.

Saturday March 10th

  • 8am - Lower Yough put-in parking lot, Ohiopyle, PA
    Everyone: Paddle around flatwater at put-in, video, technique work
    Advance group: Full length run(s) looking at race lines
    Beg. + Int. group: Technique work on flatwater in wildwater boats and Entrance rapid
  • 12:30 - Wilderness Voyageurs Restaurant
    Morning video review and Wilderness Voyageurs Wildwater Lecture Series(part1) “Components of Racing and the Lazy Frenchman Puzzle”
  • 3pm - Lower Yough put-in
    Adv. + Int. – Short intervals through an easy rapid in slalom style loops w/video
    Beg. – Flatwater/easy whitewater work
  • 6pm - Wilderness Voyageurs Restaurant
    Technique and Speed: International videos and training camp videos
    Wilderness Voyageurs Wildwater Performance Art Pieces #1-4 by Chris Norbury

Sunday March 11th

  • 8am - Lower Yough put-in parking lot, Ohiopyle, PA
    Everyone: On put-in flatwater, work on technique with videos from the night before in mind
    Adv. + Int.- 2 full length runs, sprints into and out of rapids
    Beg.- Easy whitewater work
  • 12:30 - Wilderness Voyageurs Restaurant
    Video review and Wilderness Voyageurs Wildwater Lecture Series(part 2) “ The Last Month Before Trials and Beyond”
  • 3pm - Lower Yough put-in
    Adv. -Full length warm-up
    Beg.- Flatwater at put-in work on technique
    Everyone: Race on Team Trials Course(beginners in plastic boats)
  • 6pm - “The Camp is Over Like Tulips” Performance Art Piece #5 by Chris Norbury