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NRC Glacier Breaker Wrapup

by Casey Jones

March 1, 2007 -- Almond, NC

The 2007 Glacier Breaker was a success thanks to the volunteers and our race organizers, John Pinyerd and Chris Hipgrave.

The double header kicked off on Saturday February 25, 2007, with a race down the Tuckaseigee Gorge. The mixture of warm weather and technical whitewater made for great race. Chris Hipgrave, continuing his dominance, posted the fasted time of the day at twenty-eight minutes twelve seconds.

Though Sunday morning started out rainy and cold, the sun came out. We all enjoyed the gift of beautiful weather. Though Chris Hipgrave darted out of the start first and set the pace for the rest of the racers by posting a time of twenty minutes forty-two seconds, the surprise was Joe Stumpfel who finished under a minute behind Chris.

Highlights from the weekend:

  • Chris Hipgrave, John Pinyerd, Chan Jones, and Tierney O’Sullivan set the fastest times for their respective classes each day.
  • Rodney Rice, Arin Lucarelli, Nathan Hamm, Hollie Noble, Peter Lutter, and Joe Stumpfel, all made the long drive from up north. Nevertheless, they still finished very well in their respective classes.
  • The ever-consistent Bern Collins finished sixth overall, setting fast times each day.


John PinyerdC10:32:58116.90%0:23:59115.86%232.76%
Chris OsmentC10:36:34129.67%0:26:23127.46%257.12%
David MasonC10:37:59134.69%0:59:00285.02%419.72%
Chris HipgraveK10:28:12100.00%0:20:42100.00%200.00%
Joe StumpfelK10:29:28104.49%0:21:35104.27%208.76%
Rodney RiceK10:29:57106.21%0:22:03106.52%212.73%
Bern CollinsK10:31:41112.35%0:22:57110.87%223.22%
Chan JonesK1-JR0:29:42105.32%0:21:54105.80%211.12%
Nathan HammK1-JR0:31:18110.99%0:23:08111.76%222.75%
Peter LutterK1-JR0:31:52113.00%0:23:24113.04%226.05%
Thomas WilliamsK1-JR0:39:11138.95%0:37:58183.41%322.36%
Casey JonesK1-JR0:33:23118.38%0:59:00285.02%403.40%
Tierney O'SullivanK1W-JR0:32:56116.78%0:24:08116.59%233.37%
Hollie NobleK1W0:34:26122.10%0:25:08121.42%243.52%
Arin LucarelliK1W0:35:30125.89%0:25:50124.80%250.69%

(Chan Jones at Nantahala Falls, by Courtney Whitley)