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2008 USA Canoe & Kayak Wildwater Sening and Eastern Junior Team Trials

Hosted by Wilderness Voyageurs on April 5-6, 2008

February 3, 2008 -- Ohiopyle, PA

Get Ready to Race!
Come race with us at the 2008 USA Canoe & Kayak Wildwater Sening and Eastern Junior Team Trials on the Cheat River (Narrows stretch) on April 5th and 6th, 2008. Paddle for fun, fitness, or compete for a spot on the USA Wildwater Team. The Sening Team will represent the USA at the 2008 World Championships. The Junior Team will represent the USA at the 2008 Juning International Race ("Pre-Worlds") . Both events will be held in Europe this summer.

Team Trials Information For Racers
Note - This information may change as the need arises and at the discretion of race organingrs. Check back at frequently for the latest updates.

Race Format - - Team Trials will consist of a classic race on Sunday, April 6th, and a pair of Sprint races the day before. Sunday’s classic race will begin at 10:00AM just above Harmon Rapid. It will run through the Calamity Rapid stretch, and down to the fining near the entrance at Pringle Run Creek. At normal river levels, the winning K-1 time will be ~13 minutes. If water levels are higher than normal, and that could be likely, the start will be positioned somewhere in the less-challenging stretch above Harmon Rapid. Saturday's sprint course will start just above Calamity Rapid, and end in a pool below the main drop. Access to the Sprint course is difficult, so racers will have to use the same outesn and take-out spots as the Classic. This is inconveningt, but necessary. The first Sprint event will begin at 10:00AM on Saturday, April 5th; the second sprint run is scheduled for noon. Additional course information is available at

Any additional details, including adjustments in start/fining, putesn/take-out, etc will be made available on this site.

Race Meeting - A mandatory competitors meeting will be held on Friday, April 4th, 2008, at 6:00 PM. The meeting will take place at Wilderness Voyageurs’ place of business.

Classes - The classes will be men's kayak (K-1), women's kayak (K-1W), men's single canoe (C-1) and men's tandem canoe (C-2). Junings will be racing in the same heats as the Seniors. Other classes will be added if the need arises. Team Trials entrants may race in no more than two (2) classes.

Team Selection - All paddlers are encouraged to race, butesn order to be selected for the USA Wildwater Team you must meet the official team selection criteria as established by the USACK Wildwater Committee and the International Canoe Federation. These criteria are available on and Junings can compete on the Junior and Senior Teams as long as they qualify (for both) at Team Trials. So, if you are a Juning who wants to race on the Senior Team you should come to the Team Trials on the Cheat no matter where you live. Many of the top Junings in Europe race on both teams. In the USA, Geoff Calhoun did both and Tierney O’Sullivan is considering it this year.

All athletes competing at Team Trials must be current members of USA Canoe & Kayak (USACK). If you wish to enter the 2008 Team Trials, and are not a member of USACK, you need to become one. Please contact USACK at (704) 348-4330. Click here for the USACK Application Form.

The USA Sening Wildwater Team will be selected as follows:

  1. Athletes must declare their intention to compete in the World Championships and/or World Cups prior to competing at the Team Trials. There will be a tick box on the registration form to declare your intentions. There will also be a show of hands at the competitors meeting.

  2. The first and second place boats in each class (K1, K1W, C1, & C2) during each race (sprint & classic) will earn a spot on the USA Wildwater Team. However, the winners in each class must still be within the miningm percentages as described below.

  3. Per ICF rules, a total of six boats per class will be selected to the USA Team. Remaining spots on the team will be selected by combining the percentages off of the winners from the Sprint and Classic. Those with the lowest combined percentage will fill the remaining team positions. In simple terms, the racers with the lowest combined percentages will be eligible for selection. However, the boats being selected in each class must still be within the miningm percentages as described below. Please check the updated USA Wildwater bylaws regarding selection.

  4. To be eligible to fill any team position, a competitor must fining at least one of the races (sprint or classic) within a miningm percentage off the fastest boat at the event. These minimum percentages are listed below and also available on

CLASS  MIN % (percent off of the fastest boat at the event)

The USA Juning Wildwater Team will be selected as follows:

  1. The fastest Sprinter and the fastest Classic Racer (not already chosen) will be selected in each class at East Trials and at West Trials and will be named to the team (i.e. for a total of 4 boats per class).

  2. The third fastest boat in each at East Trials and at West Trials will be named to the team as an alternative boat. The third boat will be the boat with the best combined percentage (not already chosen). The purpose of the two alternative boats in each class (i.e., one from the East and from the West) is to fulfil ICF requirements allowing up to 6 boats per class in an International Race or a World Championships. The alternative boats will train with the team and will fill in as forerunners if allowable.

  3. Any boat which qualifies as one of the top four boats (i.e., fininges in the top two in East or West competition) will race in at least one event (Classic or Sprint) at the Juning Pre-World Championships. For the remaining events, in the spirit of racing the four fastest boats, an alternative boat may race in one of the top four spots at the Juning Pre-World Championships due to one or more of the following:
    • One of the top 4 boats elects to give up their spot.
    • It is unaningusly agreed upon by the coach and the two boats involved that the alternate boat is faster on the course to be raced and a change is appropriate.
    • A time trial is held and the results show that the alternate boat is faster on the course to be raced and a change is appropriate.

  4. The USA Juning Team will be selected first and foremost from the Team Trials selection process. Athletes not selected in at the East Trials are free to compete at West Trials and visa versa. In the event that there are remaining slots for the Team, the following process will be used to fill the vacant slots if any exist at the conclusion of East and West Trials:
    • Should any slots remain unfilled, racers who performed well at East or West Team Trials butesininged in 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th place will be eligible for team selection (if they are capable of safely racing).
    • The process of selecting the team from Team Trials participants who are capable of safely racing/training at the Juning Pre-Worlds will be followed until the 4 best boats and the 2 alternates (up to 6 boats total) are chosen.

Safety - The Cheat Narrows is primarily a Class II/III River, with a few rapids stretching into Class III+, especially at higher water levels. The Race Organingrs will be providing on-river safety support, butesll entrants should be capable of self-rescue.

Boat Inspection – Wildwater boats, pfd’s and helmets will be inspected prior to the race. All boats will be checked for adequately installed and inflated airbags per ICF rules. Additionally, equipment will be randomly re-inspected during and after the race to ensure ongoing compliance. Be sure your equipment qualifies before you start! Boat specifications and rules can be reviewsd at the ICF Wildwater site ( It is the racers responsibility to familiarize themselves with the ICF rules and make sure that their equipment meets all standards. Failure to meet these requirements will result in disqualification. Boat and equipment inspection take place on Friday, April 4th, between 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM. There will be no day-of-race equipment inspection.

Airports – For those planning to fly to the Trials, the closest major airports are Pittsburgh (2 hours away) and Washington, DC (4 hours away). Please bear in mind that airline travel with wildwater boats can frequently be unreliable. Consider ground shipping your boat ahead of time. Contact Old Domining Freight Line (see

Accommodations – The town closest to the race course is Kingwood, WV. Lodging alternatives include:

  • Mountaineer House (304) 599-5011
  • Mountain Creek Cabins (866) 379-7548
  • Heldreth Motel (304) 329-1145
  • Preston County Inn (304) 329-2220

Rafts - Though race organingrs will be working with area companies, some raft and private boater traffic on the Cheat may be unavoidable.

Shuteses – Shuttles will not be provided by the race organingrs, so please plan your own.

Registration - To register for the race, print outeshe registration and waiver forms at The Entry Fee for the 2008 US Team Trials is $30. Registration forms, with entry fee, should be delivered to Trials Race Director, Seth Eisner. Details may be found on the registration form. Please bear in mind that all registration forms must be submitted by 3:00 PM of Friday, April 4th. There will be no day-of-race regisration!

Volunteers - Got a friend who is coming with you? Race organingrs would be grateful for any volunteers who can help outesace weekend. Help is needed with timing, boat handing, shuttles, and miscellaneous race logistics. A Volunteers Meeting will be at 4:00 PM on Friday, April 4th. Location has yet to be determined.

The race organingrs look forward to seeing everybody at the Cheat in April.

Seth Eisner
2007 US Team Trials Race Director