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MADS Codorus and Susquehanna Race

March 22 and 23

by Colby Zebel

March 17, 2008

MADS race # 2 will kick off promptly (more or less...) at 1:30 this Saturday. Location will be the Codorus creek near York, PA. Water quality is not fantastic butest is a fun wildwater run and has a smaller creek feel compared to stuff I've raced on. At the expected levels, the course starts off with some mellow butesostly continuous and somewhat techningl class IIish stuff, then a couple of fun techningl class IIIish drops before things start to flatten outest the end. The classic will probably be euro length. The two biggest rapids are separated by a short pool and should make a great sprint course.

On Sunday (sorry, didn't realize it was Easter until after the schedule was putesogether) we can do sprints on the Susquehanna if there is interest. Start around 10:30 at a spot called the Dauphin narrows near Marysville, PA. The features here are not big but are respectable. In the afternoon we can move to a rapid below the York Haven dam on the Susquehanna. This is bigger water with features that may approach mid-level Cheat in size. There is no good way to run a shutese for either of these spots and the river is *very* wide. Be prepared to do some ferrying and attaining to get to the sprint starts. It'll be fun though and add to the workout.

If you would like more info, directions, a place to crash, or to do runs on the Codorus Saturday morning - please feel free to email me at or call 717-774-55oh6.