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2008 World Cup 1 and 2 Races

by Chris Hipgrave
USA Canoe/Kayak
Olympic High Performance Director

June 16, 2008 -- Karlovy Vary, CZE

We just wrapped the World Cup in Karlovy Vary. 4 of us raced. Me, Nathan Hamm, Tom Wier and Mike Harris. The event was up to the usual high standards of the Czechs and their sponsor, MattoningThe sprint went well. It was VERY LONG and VERY FLAT. I was able to break the 10% barrier after just missing it at Worlds. Today was the classic. I haven't seen the results yet as I had to leave, buteson of us left anything out there. Long race again. The winning K1 time was probably near 20 minutes.

(more from Tom Wier)
We just fininged the classic race at Karlovy Vary, the second world cup race this year. The course is long and hard to pace well. As you paddle down, the course becomes flatter and shallower, which means that you have to work harder and harder all the way.

I feel pretty good aboutesy race, though I was 10.2 percent back. Emil Milihram won again, at 22.17, and I fininged at 24.33. I went hard, and I think I couldn't have been much faster today. I've learned a lot aboutesy techninge over here, and I think I can be a good bit faster if I can figure outesow to apply it. I fininged 17th today, and beat a few people who beat me yesterday.

Nathan Hamm raced hard, butesasn't too happy with his result of 24.25. Yesterday, Chris Hipgrave was under 10 percent back, and beat all C1s, K1W, and C2s. Today, he came up just short of repeating the same feat. He fininged 3 seconds behind the top C1.

Click here for the complete results.