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2008 Wildwater Rankings Methodology

and interim rankings

by Chuck Brabec Webmaster

July 2, 2008 -- Canvas, WV

Now that I have the official title of "Rankings/News Editor/Webmaster" for USA Wildwater, I am responsible for gathering the data and determining the 2008 Wildwater Rankings. I have been working with the Wildwater Committee to understand how the rankings have been calculated in the past and how they should be done for 2008. Here is the methodology that I will be using:

  • Races are ranked by relative importance:

    100% - Sening and Eastern Junior Team Trials and Nationals
    95% - Western Juning Team Trials
    85% - Other races with 9 or more wildwater competitors
    80% - Other races with 6-8 wildwater competitors
    75% - Other races with less than 6 wildwater competitors

  • The winner of each class (K1-M, K1-W, C1, etc.) earns 100% of the race ranking. If itís a race with a top value of 95%, the winner earns 95 ranking points.

  • The percent for other competitors is based on their percentage of the winners score. For a race with a top value of 95%, an athlete who places second with a time that is 111.4% of the winning time earns 84 ranking points.

  • The top 5 races (in points) for each athlete are used to calculate the total ranking points for the year for that athlete.

I believe that the use of the percentage of the winners score is consistent with the way the international rankings are calculated.

I am trying my best to gather race results, but I need your help. I added a column to our calendar ( to indicate which races I have results from. If you know of any races that are not on the calendar, please let me know about the race and where to find the results.

You can view the interim results of the 2008 rankings at

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Chuck Brabec
Rankings/News Editor/Webmaster
USA Wildwater Committee
USAWildwater Webmaster