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2009 NRC Glacier Breaker

The NRC season opening wildwater race

by Chris Hipgrave
USA Wildwater
Committee Vice Chair

February 6,2009 -- Bryson City, NC

Ten racers braved rapidly deteriorating winter weather to tackle the NRC season opening wildwater race, the 2009 Glacier Breaker. New young faces made the trek to race in Western North Carolina in preparation for the Junior Team Trials being held at the same venue a month from now.

This classic only race starts at the Ledges rapid and ends 3.5 miles downstream at the Nantahala Outdoor Center. The predominantly class 2+ race also includes the largest rapid on the river called Nantahala Falls where some flexibility with your line of choice can make things interesting as demonstrated by one of our youngest competitors. Congratulations and thank you to everyone that raced despite difficult weather conditions.

ClassNameBib #Time % In Class% In Race
K1CHRIS HIPGRAVE11920:04.0100.00%100.00%
K1JP BEVILAQUA11821:00.0104.65%104.65%
K1TERRY SMITH11722:23.0111.54%111.54%
WK1TIERNEY O'SULLIVAN19723:34.0100.00%117.44%
C1JOHN PINYERD10524:01.0100.00%119.68%
K1COLTON POPP11624:35.0122.51%122.51%
C1CHRIS OSMENT10325:38.0106.73%127.74%
WK1-JrHALEY POPP19926:35.0100.00%132.48%
OC2DALE & JOEY SWANSON20028:33.0100.00%142.28%
WK1-JrSARA SMITH19829:11.0109.78%145.43%