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Pacific Northwest Training Camp

by Tom Wier
USA Canoe/Kayak
Wildwater Committee
Western U.S. Athlete Rep.

Augsut 24, 2009 -- Snohomish, WA

The fall 2009 Northwest Wildwater Training Camp will be held in Bellingham, Washington on the weekend of September 25-28. Several current U.S. Team members and national champions will be on hand to assist in instruction, as well as Greg Dutton of Paddle Faster Clinics. The camp will be split into two groups, a performance group focusing on high levels of speed and fitness, and a development group focusing on the fundamentals of wildwater racing. The groups will do some paddling together, and work together during evening video review and discussion.

The camp will be based at the house of Rich Roehner in Bellingham, Washington. Space is available for up to 6 paddlers to stay at the Roehner’s, and other home stays may be found as well. Several boats ( 3 C-1s, 1 C-2, and 4 K-1s) are available for loan during the camp. Homestays will include lodging, food, and drying space for gear. Plan on brining any special foods and lots of snacks. All homestay and boat requests must be made to Rich Roehner at 360 715-3121.

For those planning on attending from afar, the closest airport is Bellingham airport, only a few minutes from the Roehner’s house. Transportation from SeaTac Airport, 90 miles south of Bellingham can be arranged by contacting Tom Wier at 425-232-3038.

We will paddle on Lake Padden, Whatcom Creek, depending on flows, a section of the Nooksack River. A preliminary schedule is below:

Friday Afternoon 2-4pm Lake Padden Sprint Workout

Friday Night: At Roehner’s – 6pm Dinner (Pizza), 7pm Wildwater Racing Videos & Local Entertainment

Saturday Morning (8am): Padden Trails Run

Saturday Morning (10:30am - Noon): Sound Rowers Race on Lake Samish

Saturday Afternoon (2-4pm): Whatcom Creek Attainments and Sprints with Video

Saturday Night: 6pm Dinner (Spaghetti), 6:30 pm Video Review, 7:30 pm Mandolin by Mike Baker + others?

Sunday Morning: Either Whatcom Creek Classic Race plus lower Whatcom Creek Run or Nooksac River Sprint Course (Depending upon flows) with Video

Sunday Early Afternoon: Final Video Review and Training Plans Set Up for those interested