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2009 Corporate Fund Guidelines
Sept 15 Deadline...

by Jeremy Rodgers
USA Wildwater
Board Member and
Sponsor Liason

August 19, 2009 -- Louisville, CO

Senior Team National Team Qualifiers from 2008 and 2009,

Click here to see the Corporate Fund Guidelines for 2009-2010 season. NOTE SEPTEMBER 30TH DEADLINE to have criteria met prior to Jan 1 end of fundraising cycle (most corps have all marketing funds designated by Jan!). NOTE ALSO that even as a first year team member you may meet criteria even though not eligible to receive funds until you qualify for team second time so as to encourage you to get qualified in anticipation of a second team qualification.

This document/process is work in progress and will be edited based upon board amendement. I also realize the 2009 Team qualifiers were a bit convoluted due to lack on declared intent at trials and limited funding to go to Tasmania. This team naming process will be most distinct in future years at team trails based upon declared intent to make team.

I line itemed areas some of you need to give attention to prior to Sept 15th deadline for 2009...

JP...need blog, branding of boat photos in blog
Geoff...need blog, branding of boat photos in blog
Peter...awesome blog...need more closeup photos of branded boat/paddle/etc in blog
Tom... qualified. Work towards more closeups of brands in blog.
Tierney...need more closeups of brands on boats in blog
Harvey...need bio, blog, branding of boat photos in blog
Rick/Mike...need sponsor links added to blog
John P...qualified. Work towards more closeups of Clifbar/IR in blog
Chris Hipgrave.. need blog, brandingof boat photos in blog (but we also respect the fact you like to stay under the radar:)
Juniors...need bio, blog, branding of boat, and I have no contact info for any juniors via email
All others...need bio, blog, branding of boat per guidelines document.