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USA Wildwater Committee Adds Four At-Large Directors to the Board

by John Pinyerd
USA Canoe/Kayak
Wildwater Committee Chairman

January 9, 2010 -- Marietta, GA

The first action of the incoming USA Wildwater Committee was to unanimously select/vote in favor of four additional "At Large Directors". We are delighted to have these gentlemen working with us to help our beloved sport of Wildwater move onward and upward.

Seth Eisner - Director
As the former VP of Operations for a large internet based travel reservations company, Seth helps to bring additional Executive experience to the WWC from the business world. Seth's no nonsense management style was as huge asset when he served as interim Chairman in 2008 and is a great addition to our board. He has been involved with Wildwater since the 70's but is aways looking at the future and how move our sport forward. Seth is located in the Seattle area.

Jeremy Rogers - Director of Development
Dr. Jeremy Rodgers does an incredible job with corporate sponsorship development. As a result of his efforts we had Keen, Clif, and IR as corporate sponsors in 2009 and Keen and IR are working with us again in 2010. Jeremy is also excited about helping with fund raising/sponsorship which will help us with much needed follow up in this area. He is full of energy and ideas. Jeremy is located in the Boulder CO area.

Denny Adams - Director of Western Junior Athlete Development
Denny is a retired High School teacher and really understands the issues surrounding Jr Development. Denny has faithfully supported our sport in this area for the past 4 years and is excited about continuing to develop Juniors in the CO area and the West. His projects for 2010 include developing the Western Race Series. Denny and his family are located in Grand Junction CO.

Chris Osment - Director of Eastern Jr Athlete Development/Team Management
Chris brings additional executive management to this board from the business world. Chris has been involved with Wildwater since the 80's and has been on the board in a variety of capacities including the Chairman position. Chris did an outstanding job as our Jr Team leader in 09 and will continue to pursue Jr Athlete Development. Another of his projects is to help resurrect the SE Cup Series. Chris is also quite skilled in team travel management (in person or stateside). Chris and his family reside in the Atlanta area.

Please join me and the entire Wildwater Committee in welcoming and supporting our At Large Directors for 2010-11.

John Pinyerd