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USA Wildwater Commits $7k to
2010 Team Funding!

Athletes take note!
Sponsors your help is needed!

by John Pinyerd
USA Canoe/Kayak
Wildwater Committee Chairman

February 14, 2010 -- Marietta, GA

USA Wildwater is committed to trying to provide meaningful sponsorship for our athletes and support crew. The Wildwater Committee has budgeted for $7,000 for the 2010 World Championships/World Cup Team! We know that funding often means the difference between team members going to Europe or staying home.

Obviously, we would like to do much more, but the $7k we are committing to will help get the ball rolling! Certainly, if the opportunity arrises we will do more!

The athlete sponsorship is divided into two categories with half allocated to a general team fund and the other to and performance funding.

  • The general team funding will be geared toward Team Support, Management and Coaching. Amounts not used will likely be provided to ahletes based on the venues they will be attending.

  • The Performance Fund will go to those athletes who are working the hardest and racing the best. The initial threshold to qualify for the funding of 13% is certainly obtainable by any serious athlete who dedicates themselves to wildwater racing.

For more details see the 2010 Budget at:

We are hopeful that our sponsors will be able to help make this come true for the 2010 Team. Anyone who wishes to help us provide for USA Wildwater Team (and/or coaching, training camps, and development) can make (tax deductible) donations to USA Wildwater through our national governing body USA Canoe/Kayak:

  • You can now make online donations through our website link to USACK. Make sure you designate them for Wildwater.

  • You can also donate by check. Please make all checks payable to USA Canoe/Kayak and mark the memo field "For Wildwater". You can mail donations to:

    • John Pinyerd, 4781 Karl's Gate Drive, Marietta GA 30068

    or send them directly to:

    • USA Canoe/Kayak (Attention Gerald) at 330 S. Tryon St., Lower Level, Charlotte, NC 28202.

John Pinyerd