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Group Order for Prijon Wildwater Boats

by Jeff Parker

March 2, 2011

I am trying to set up a group order for Prijon Wildwater boats. I bought a Prijon Loisach last summer, I was so impressed with it that I want to get another and so we are trying to set up a group order to get the best pricing. Prijon boats have long been the standard in Wildwater racing, in the last decade they have taken a back seat to Zastera and others but recently they seem to be regaining there popularity in European racing. For instance 2008 worlds K1 men classic was using a Prijon Balla.

Ok boat designs available: Loisach and Balla (more info below)


  • $2,300 for Epoxy Kevlar® 50%, Carbon 50%, Spheretex® sandwich foamcore or Epoxy Kevlar® 60%, Carbon 40%, Herex® Foamcore
  • $2,450 for TOP Carbon Carbon 60%, Kevlar® 40%, Herex® Foamcore

ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING,DUTY,ETC, TO COLORADO OR PA. Shipping from either of those locations is at a cost to the buyer.

All orders must be made by MARCH 15TH, SOAS TO INSURE TIMELY DELIVERY. $500 deposit w/ each boat ordered. 10-12 weeks arrival time estimate.


  • LOISACH - Long time favorite among Euro Females. Stable , easy to turn, Compared to my Clipper, more stable, much easier to handle, about the same flatwater speed as far as I can tell. More stable, faster, and easier to drive than the Prijon SAVAGE. A friend of mine who has been paddling WW longer than me(forever) called it the best WW boat ever made, I cant argue with that. One catch, it is supposedly designed for smaller paddlers, 75 kg and under, but I have seen much larger paddlers using it.

  • Balla - Less rocker, narrower, tippier, and faster on flatwater than the loisach, but still more stable than the Zasteras in my opinion. Higher Deck, supposedly for larger paddlers - 75 kg and larger. I have seen and heard of lots of smaller paddlers using it, including lots of euro women.

Please make all inquiries to me, Jeff, as Prijon USA is doing this as a public service. They do not make much on this so we want to minimize their time involved. Contact me at