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Senior Wildwater Team Trials (October 15-16)

Important Update

by Jack Ditty
USA Wildwater
Race Organizer

April 3, 2011 -- Elkhorn City, KY

The US Wildwater Team Trials will be held at the Russell Fork River near Elkhorn City, KY on October 15-16, 2011. This event will select the senior team for international competition in 2012. We tried to arrange for extra dam releases to host the race in August, but the negotiations for this with the US Army Corp of Engineers were unsuccessful. Please disregard any earlier notices about race dates in August.

There are scheduled dam releases on the Russell Fork the first 4 weekends of October, so we should have a couple of weekends of training available before the race. There is also some training time built into the race day schedule for those that have not had a chance to see the course.

The Russell Fork is a beautiful river in a steep-walled gorge, and a great place to visit during the fall leaf color season. The river has sections of water ranging from class 1-2 difficulty to class 5. All of the wildwater events will be held on the class 1-3 sections of river.

For more information about race, including head-cam video of the sprint and classic courses, check out the website:

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Hope to see you there,
Jack Ditty