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Lyons /St Vrain Wildwater Course Hosts a North American Junior Olympic Wildwater Race

by Denny Adams

July 22, 2011 -- Glenwood Springs, CO

Fifty cadet and junior level racers from North America, Australia, and New Zealand participated in this year’s Junior Olympic Wildwater Race on the St. Vrain River through Lyons, Colorado. This race was just one of several that make up the North American Junior Olympics for Whitewater Festival puts on each summer. Racers ranging from elementary school age up through high school enjoyed four days of competition that also feature Slalom, Freestyle, and Boater Cross.

The wildwater race component of the festival went extremely well. While a new venue for racing, the St. Vrain through Lyons is a great small river setting. With its steady and winding current, friendly features (which included a new whitewater park) and the great scenery, this section is a joy to train on and made for a great venue for new racers. The run finished in a park with music, food, and awards and a great level of positive energy from all involved. The race was great experience for these kids and one that hopefully planted a few seeds in their minds predisposing them to enjoy wildwater in the future.

Denny Adams