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Salmon La Sac Downriver Races

by Tom Wier
USA Canoe/Kayak
Wildwater Committee
Western U.S. Athlete Rep.

June 6, 2012 -- Roslyn, WA

The 51st annual Salmon La Sac downriver races were held near Roslyn, Washington on June 2nd. The water was higher than normal, which resulted in a big water feel and fast classic times. The sprint rapid was boily, with a difficult right turn at the bottom of the course- competitors slammed into rock walls going full speed, eddied out, and were forced into portages as the strong currents took them off line. The classic was fast, and deep, but had one difficult drop - the dreaded funky-doodle. There was less drama, but much time lost in the tricky holes and eddies of the drop.

In the end, Tom Wier won overall in C-1 with the quickest times of the day in sprint and classic. Jennie Goldberg and Marin Millar split the women's wildwater races- Jennie took 1st in the sprint while Marin took top honors in the classic. Rich Roehner won the wildwater K-1 sprint. Several slalom paddlers took part in the sprint as well, and turned in fast times- notably Rufus Knapp in K-1 slalom and Lisa Day in K-1W. We'll have to make sure to get them into wildwater boats soon!


RankClass NameRun 1Run 2Total% in Race
1C-1 M WWTom Wier78.1177.83155.94100.00
1K-1 W WWJennie Goldberg102.389.2191.5122.80
2K-1 W WWMarin Millar105.39304.34409.73262.75
1K-1 M WWRich Roehner85.787.3173110.94
1K-1 W SlalomLisa Day94.8693.98188.84121.10
2K-1 W SlalomLisa Farin99.2792.7191.97123.11
1K-1 M SlalomRufus Knapp85.4884.73170.21109.15
1R-2Mike Baker & Stephanie Peterka119.11107.05226.16145.03


RankClassNameTime% in Race
1C-1 M WWTom Wier20:32100.00
1K-1 W WWMarin Millar21:34105.03
2K-1 W WWJennie Goldberg22:04107.47
1OC-2Jim & Aaron Good0:25:43125.24