June 1, 2005

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Dear Wildwater Racers and Friends:

The World Cup Races and Masters Worlds are now history. Congratulations to all USA Wildwater Team members who competed in the 2005 Wildwater World Cup races. Congratulations, also, to those who medaled in the Masters Worlds:

  • John Pinyerd: Silver in C-1 Masters (1st in 45+)
  • Chris Hipgrave: Bronze in K-1 Masters
  • Marizio Tognocci: Bronze in K-1, 45+ age group
  • Bern Collins: Bronze in K-1, 55+ age group
Maurizio actually competed for Italy but we included him in the list because he is the USA's Junior Coach.

The USA Nationals and Western Junior Team Trials are coming soon (June 17-18 at FIBARK).

Shaun Smith and Maurizio Tognacci have put together a terrific European travel plan for the Junior Team. It will allow team members to get in some training and practice runs on the river where the Junior World Championships will be held.

The Front Range Paddle Association is hosting a Whitewater Development Camp this summer.

See the links below for more information on each of these activities.

Chuck Brabec

In this issue:

2005 World Cup Races 5 & 6
Results, Point Totals and Photos.
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2005 World Cup Races 3 & 4
Results and Photos.
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2005 World Cup Races 1 & 2
Results and Photos.
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Wildwater Nationals, West Junior Trials and FIBArk (June 17-19)
What you need to know.
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Junior World Championships
Europe, here we come.
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Front Range Paddle Association Whitewater Development Camp
News about the FRPA camp for 2005
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